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create modern websites with unique design

The website will help you get a lot of potential customers in your area
The website will help you reach the most potential customers, regardless of your location
Increasing the credibility of the company
Sales increase
On the website customers can explore the list of services, create the order and purchase it online
Automation of work with clients

help you

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I develop the design of the main page and send it for your approval. We make corrections if necessary
I'll develop all pages of the website and send it for your approval. In the case of a multi-page site, I'll send each page separately. If necessary, I'll make edits
After agreeing on the desktop version, I make the site adaptive for mobile devices
I'll transfer the website to your Tilda account. I'll connect the domain, data reception services, necessary widgets and payment systems. I'll do basic SEO optimization
One free month of technical support
Fill out a brief with questions about the business, wishes for the structure of the site. I will send reference options, determine the style and structure of the site
We get to know each other and discuss the tasks. I'll tell you the details of the work and answer all your questions
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Landing page

from 400$

Multipage website

A corporate site or a business card site of two or more linked pages. Suitable for the presentation of a brand, company or services. For example, an expert landing page and several pages with portfolios or types of services
from 600$

Online store

Site for the sale of goods. Setting up a catalog, accepting applications and payments to make it easier and more convenient for you to sell online
from 400$
7-10 days
One-page site with a selling structure and modern design. Suitable for a story about you, an event or advertising a small number of goods, services
from 14 days
from 14 days


Modern design of any page or site. If you have your own programmer and only need a design
from 100$
from 5 days

my work

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I have been working since 2017. I have a specialized higher education in web development and additionally studied at courses. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. All this allows me to develop an individual design for each project.

I do my job well and on time. I always study the business in detail and conduct a comparative analysis of competitors. I have over 30 websites in my portfolio. I make websites of varying complexity: landing pages, multi-pagers, online stores. Worked with clients from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe and USA.

My goal is to make it easier for you to do business, save money and increase profits. After discussing the details, we will start creating a convenient, stylish website together with you.

Karina Gavrilkina

With me it's easy
There are no strict requirements for TK. Help with compiling
All stages of work will be agreed and delivered on time
I do not break deadlines
I communicate with clients, find compromises and offer solutions
I consider wishes
I help with the site and answer questions even after the work is completed
I am often
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